Breast augmentation can improve a woman’s shape and proportions and also make her feel more assured about her complete physical appearance. There are significant choices you would need to make that may make a huge difference in your total fulfillment of the final results, in case you are considering having breast augmentation. After you have decided to have breast implants placed, another question is, “how big?” and would you opt for silicone or saline implants? You and too small may not be pleased with the results, too large and there might be complications that result in you eventually seeking out breast augmentation revision surgery.


Breast augmentation revision is usually a mix of removing the breast implants that are too large and replacing them with ones that are smaller, and after that performing a breast lift to take care of the stretched skin. As a plastic surgeon, I often perform breast augmentation revisions on bantam girls who didn’t realize the size they selected was too large, (think Heidi Montag). In many instances, the cosmetic surgeon who put the first implants, did not warn her of the complications she’d likely face with her selection. I mostly see this issue with women who picked saline breast implants. Women who choose saline implants that are too large for her body shortly realize they may be uncomfortable and appear overly enormous. Many times, the original augmentation was performed by a “discount” cosmetic surgeon instead of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Here are the five primary purposes to understand about picking large breast implants, especially if you’re a petite girl:

1. Saline implants that are big create wrinkling and fitting of your skin and rippling.

2. Large saline implants, since they cause thinning of the skin, feel just like a water-bed.

3. Implants that are big make the patient seem unbalanced and seem not well-proportioned.

4. Big implants in small women make them look fat in their own clothing and top heavy.

It is true that a few of these changes could occur with big silicone breast implants of identical size, yet, they may be more marked with saline breast implants.

As I’ve written before, preliminary mark can be made by you prior to the surgery but the actual proof is in the operating room. On the outside the skin, temporary sutures are put with all the new breast implants in area without any incisions as well as the breast is tailor tacked to the correct contour. Until we can attain the best shape this method may require several tries. At that point, the excess skin is removed as well as the breast is tightened and lifted.

Breast revisions are never a procedure that is easy but they are very satisfying one for both the patient as well as the doctor. The difference in comfort, aesthetics, and self-image are amazing. Each patient that I’ve converted from saline to silicone implants has remarked how much better they feel.

Of course, the best choice could have been to choose the proper size breast implant in the very beginning. With this specific tactic, I seldom must remove implants that I put and my patients are pleased with their results.

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